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Vanda Scaravelli Inspired Yoga – Some Thoughts

You don’t have to ‘do’ your yoga every day in the way in which you may suppose. In time, most of what you do will become ‘yoga’ in any case.
You don’t have to learn random and arbitrary facts about anatomy and physiology.
You don’t have to pass any tests; certificates are irrelevant. (Neither Vanda nor Diane have a yoga certificate between them, neither ran any teacher training course, and neither write about a need to acquire a theoretical knowledge of the body.)
You don’t need the approbation of any self-appointed, so-called expert in this way of working with the body – Vanda warns against groups and gurus in ‘Awakening the Spine.’
You don’t have to suffer or beat yourself up on account of any short-comings you deem yourself to have.
You already are all that is needed to work in this way – you have a body and that really is all you need.
Keep it simple. Forget about poses for a while.
Make everything simpler, whether it be how you walk, how you sit or how you eat.
Look at videos or pictures of the bodies of Vanda Scaravelli or Diane Long.
Study with Diane Long.
Ask questions – become increasingly curious.
Read ‘Awakening the Spine’ by Vanda
Read ‘Notes on Yoga’ by Diane Long and Sophy Hoare
Pay attention to the body.
Pay attention to the breath, but don’t try to change it.
Sit as often as you can in a variety of sitting positions – A 10 day Vipassana retreat may be a good idea.
Empty your mind of expectation in asana.
Do far less.
Be as kind and non-judgemental of yourself as you would be of a baby.
Prepare the ground for a time when your body guides, leads and teaches you as opposed to you, or others, forever dictating things to it.
Think less, feel more and all is coming to you.


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Diane Long demonstrating one way of doing a shoulder stand in late 2010

Diane was taught by Vanda for twenty three years.

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